Life Hack

Lifestyle habit-forming experience

A health clinic wanted an application that would assist their clientele in successfully reaching their weight loss goals. The system needed to have an administration portion that the clinic staff would use to track and manage their clients’ progress (not shown here) as well as a customer facing portion in the form of a mobile and web apps.

We performed generative and evaluative user research and were responsible for all aspects of the design. We also worked closely with a development firm to ensure the design vision was instantiated per our specifications.

User Experience Design, User Experience Research


Motivating patients to keep track of their goals

We designed a system that helps motivate patients to keep track of their goals, while interacting with a community of like-minded individuals. The system also allows for medical professionals to keep track of their patients’ progress as well as interact with them through a web application (currently being designed).


Daily goal tracking

Being aware of your objectives is key in keeping up with post-surgery goals. Goals are tracked daily in terms of calories, nutrients, activity, water and weight.

Our research also showed that tracking goals over a period of time motivates users.

Another way to motivate is to celebrate their victories, even the smallest ones.

Community support

We found through our research that patients who have the support of others are more successful in reaching their goals.

We designed a customized community to ensure patients stay connected and motivated throughout the process.

Quick answer to: "How am I tracking today?"

Atop of the log screen, we provide patients with a simplified view of their current state, versus their daily goal.

We allowed for a quick swipe to make tracking of different categories (food, water, exercise, weight) more efficient.

Icons were added for scanability of whether caloric intake is taken by food or by drink.

A unified logging experience

We designed a unified logging screen that provides a single point of entry for all logging, making it easy to log meals, snacks, water, exercise, and weight.

Data-driven designs

We started our process by gathering user data (from both patients and medical professionals) through surveys and one-on-one interviews.  We combined the user information with competitors’ information to design a solution that fulfills user needs and is superior in the market.