In-Car Infotainment

Envisioning the next generation of automotive experiences

The evolution of technology use in the car has been growing exponentially since the introduction of digital features into the vehicle. The next generation of automotive experiences need to make the leap from merely being available, to knowing its users and anticipating their needs.

Elektrobit, a global supplier of automotive software, engaged Dupla Studios to envision the next generation of automotive experiences. We followed the user-centered design process to envision a set of scenarios for the car of the future, also taking into account the transition from assisted to autonomous driving.

We lead scenario creation, research and design for this project. We were also responsible for the creative direction, interaction, and visual design. We collaborated closely with Elektrobit’s Global Marketing Director to envision scenarios and create designs that showcase real life situations that their technology can enable.

We designed a vision for both entry-level as well as luxury vehicles that got presented by our client to executives at a major automotive manufacturer.


Scenario creation, Interaction Design, Visual Design


Autonomous driving hand-offs and augmented reality heads-up display

The luxury scenario highlights a fully adaptable LCD instrument cluster that works in tandem with an augmented reality Heads-Up Display. The vehicle manages the hand-off between assisted driving and autonomous driving. Self-diagnostics are done at appropriate times and the vehicle schedules its own maintenance, again acting as a digital assistant who is aware of the driver’s needs.

The car as your digital assistant

As more technology is being added to our cars and our pockets, the more distracted driving is affecting our lives and the way we drive. Imagine if your car could do the work for you. Imagine a car that, the more you drive it, the more it learns about you, your habits, and the people that you need to interact with. A car that acts as your personal assistant.

We envisioned a scenario where the car learns about its users’ habits and anticipates their needs. It knows, even before you do, that you are hitting traffic and will be late for a meeting at work. As a good personal assistant, the car has access to your calendar and can anticipate your need to notify your meeting participants that you are going to be late. All while you maintain your eyes on the road.

From knowing your preferred route to work, to when is your turn to pick up the kids, to recognizing when the kids are in the car and acting appropriately. The car knows not only your preferences, but the preferences of those who ride with you.

Getting to the right design

This work started with the following question: Which scenarios are compelling for the future of automotive infotainment? We performed our own secondary research on current trends and folded in existing market research and technology from our client. A series of brainstorm sessions followed so we could come up with a prioritized list of scenarios and themes. We then wove those scenarios and themes into two main stories: one for the entry-level car and another one for the luxury vehicle.

Getting the design right

After approving the scenario write-ups with our client, we followed our usual design process to bring those stories to life: from sketching, to wireframing and visual design.