Digital Drive

Automobile companion experience

Our goal with this project was to envision a companion mobile application as an automobile manufacturer’s value add to their customers. The client wanted an application that would help customers enjoy their car purchase and reduce the pain points that people have with the interactions with their cars. The goal of the app was to increase brand loyalty by reducing pain points.

We lead user research and design for the project. Responsibilities included: user research and discovery; interaction and visual design; prototyping and usability testing.

User Experience Design, User Experience Research


Improving your relationship with your vehicle

Through observing car owners in the wild, and performing user interviews, we designed an experience that solves several real user problems, while providing automotive manufacturers with a differentiator and a way to enhance the value of their brand.


Vehicle awareness, even remotely

Is my car still where I left it? Has my car been towed? Did I remember to lock my vehicle? What can I do if I spot someone breaking into my car?

We addressed all of these user pain points in one single screen. Wonder no more, drivers. The awareness of your vehicles goes with you wherever you go.

Find my car

Ever lost your car in a city center or in a parking lot packed with other vehicles? Ever had to wait for others to leave so you could find your own way to take you home?

Our research showed us that this is a common fear among drivers. We designed an experience where you can either see your car on a map, or find it via augmented reality. Just follow the arrows and the app will pinpoint your vehicle when in view.

Remote climate

It is freezing out there. You dread getting out of your warm bed, let alone get inside a freezing car and waiting for it warm up as you painfully drive those first miles.

We designed an experience where this is no longer a pain point. Warm (or cool) your car from your app so it’s at the perfect temperature when you’re ready for it.

Destinations sent directly to your vehicle

Want to hit the ground running when you get in your car? Want your car to anticipate where you’re going?

We designed a way for users to send a destination directly to the head-unit of their cars, so it knows where they’re going as soon as the vehicle is turned on. Additionally, with calendar awareness, if a meeting in the calendar has an address, the driver doesn’t have to do anything. Just buckle up and drive. No more precious minutes wasted.

Data-driven designs

We used the user-centered design process to design a solution that solves real user needs. Interviews and contextual inquiries allowed us to both ask and observe human behavior with regards to their cars. That informed our design process. We later did a series of iterative usability tests to ensure that our solution was no only useful but also usable and desirable to the end users.