We are a digital product design studio with the desire to improve people’s lives through technology. We are driven by curiosity and passion, putting humans first and crafting relationships between people and brands. We approach every challenge with the wonder and curiosity of a child.

Our north star

We believe that the best solutions are created when designers and researchers are both integrated throughout the human-centered design process. At Dupla we built our processes with that in mind. We approach each problem from both perspectives and create a richer point of view, as well as an understanding and empathy for the end user.

The dynamic Dupla

Here's some of what Dupla can do for you.

User Experience Design

We help individuals and corporations go from observation and insights to designs that meet real user needs.

Strategic Research

We uncover habits and practices of target users, identify their explicit and implicit needs, find out what delights them, generate scenarios and analyze trends.

UX Strategy

We choreograph interactions between a brand’s products and services, and people over extended periods of time.


We help organizations develop their brand’s personality and how it relates to its target audience. Based on those insights, we develop a visual identity in a way that enhances the brand.

Usability Research

We perform usability studies with products and services to discover user experience issues and recommend solutions.

Baseline and Benchmark Studies

We perform baseline and benchmark studies to establish a scorecard that describes the experience of a product, how it ranks to user needs and the competition.

Meet the team

The founders have 30+ years of combined experience designing digital products for a variety of clients, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Kevin Decker
Head of Research and Strategy

Kevin has been observing human behavior and interviewing consumers since the early age of 15. His passion for understanding humans and giving people access to a better life took him to pursue studies in psychology, research design, and statistics. Combine all that with 20+ years of industry experience, and you get a master at reading between the lines of human behavior and motivations.

Kevin’s knack for interviewing customers and distilling key insights allows him to create winning strategies for the most innovative products. Kevin’s mastery at deciphering human needs, wants, and desires is unparalleled. If you’re looking for a mind reader, who can get into the hearts of your customer and determine what would delight them, look no further.

Melissa Quintanilha
Head of Design

Melissa’s passion for the power of design and technology started at age 2. Seriously. When she saw a video of French musician Jean-Michel Jarre playing the laser harp she realized that anything was possible. Fast forward a few years and Melissa combined a BS in Computer Science, a Masters in Design, to a commitment to giving people access to a better life through design.

Having worked for many years at large corporations such as Siemens and Microsoft, Melissa knows how to work in large-scale projects with a worldwide reach. She’s passionate about humanizing technology, and relentless about only stopping when a design can’t get any more elegant. If you’re looking for an expertly crafted and differentiated product experience that will make your customers fall in love, she’ll get you there.

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