4 years ago Kevin Decker and I left our corporate jobs to start our own design studio. We started Dupla Studios with the core belief that innovation happens at the balance of opposing forces: research & design, science & art, left brain & right brain, technology & human. That’s why we called ourselves Dupla (duo, in Portuguese), because we believe that the push-and-pull of that tension of opposing forces is what creates the best products. We’ve been practicing this from day one, and it continues to be a core principle in our work.

Today we are so delighted to announce the 2nd edition of Dupla Dreams.  Dupla Dreams is an initiative where each year  we invite an artist to do an interpretation of our logo — The D with the 2 brackets representing the opposing and complementary forces.

This year we’ve had the pleasure to work with the talented Russel Roheling. We love Russel’s concept because it shows so much energy and power. It encapsulates how we feel when we’re at that creative tension space — a predecessor to the birth of all of our best ideas.

Dupla Dreams Volume 2, in celebration of 4 years of Dupla Studios


We’ve asked Russel to describe his work in this piece:

Dupla Dreams: Dichotomy

This piece came as a result of what really stuck out at me about Dupla: They take two different, but very complimentary approaches to design, to create something that no single approach could have created. Collaboration is a key component of design that successfully combines form and function, and Dupla has that angle covered. Here’s wishing them all the success in the coming years!


Stop by our office if you’d like to see the Dupla Dreams pieces in their full glory. And stay tuned for another edition of Dupla Dreams when we turn 5! 🙂

More about Russel Roheling:

Russel Roehling is an illustrator from Washington State. A steady diet of Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side, and Mad Magazine fed his imagination as a child, and as an adult he still finds joy working in comics and storytelling. Though most of his freelance work calls for digital illustration techniques, he uses traditional mediums whenever possible, his favorites being gouache and watercolor. When he’s not working, he can usually be found hiking the Northwest wilderness, his pack bursting at the seams with plein air supplies.

Russel lives in Everett, Washington, with his wife and their small furry hiking buddy.

See more at https://russelroehling.com/.

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