3 years ago Kevin Decker and I left our respective senior positions at corporations to go after a long held dream of starting our own design studio. We feel so grateful to have been working with some of the smartest, most passionate and inspiring professionals, using the latest technologies to improve people’s lives.

For the past 3 years, we’ve been designing a path towards autonomous driving, envisioned a future where on-demand mobility is a part of people’s lives, designed a smart apartment in NYC, created a vision for how the Internet of Things can help the elderly live independently longer, and have been designing ways to augment hands-on workers with the power of augmented reality and IoT, just to name a few.

We started Dupla Studios with the core belief that innovation happens at the balance of opposing forces: research & design, science & art, left brain & right brain, technology & human. That’s why we called ourselves Dupla (duo, in Portuguese), because we believe that the push-and-pull of that tension of opposing forces is what creates the best products. We’ve been practicing this from day one, and continues to be a core principle in our work.

Today we are so grateful that the world is allowing us to make this dream a reality, and we start calling others to join in on the dream.

Today we are launching Dupla Dreams where every year we’ll invite an artist to do an interpretation of our logo — The D with the 2 brackets representing the opposing and complementary forces.

This year we’ve had the pleasure to work with the talented Amity Femia. We love Amity’s work because we think it’s so playful and happy.

Dupla Dreams Volume 1, in celebration of 3 years of Dupla Studios


We’ve asked Amity to describe her work in this piece:

Music is the original source of this piece— in particular, the process of bringing together many elements to create a powerful whole. As in music, Dupla Studios balances opposing forces of math and art, technology and design, to create innovative solutions. This illustration celebrates their 3rd anniversary. I wish them many more years of  inspiration, logic, and success!


Stay tuned for another edition of Dupla Dreams when we turn 4! 🙂



More about Amity Femia:

Amity Femia is a designer and illustrator with a background in visual communication. Her illustrations capture recognizable moments with intelligence and wit.

She has a special interest in design that educates—about community, history, and the natural environment—and has been designing graphics for museum exhibits for the past 15 years. She has recently returned to her northeastern roots after many years in Seattle.

See more at amityfemia.carbonmade.com.



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